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Comfort Colors 1717 Heavyweight Adult Tee (including graphic)

Comfort Colors 1717 Heavyweight Adult Tee (including graphic)

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Remember the old Nauset Sports shop (off exit 12!)  where you chose your graphic from the wall and then just picked out a t-shirt to put it on?

Well here are the five blank t-shirts we have in stock. Just choose which exit # you would like and what color/size shirt from the pull down menus. We will add more designs and t-shirt/hoodie options as we go.

For now, we can press the Cape Cod map graphic pictured here on these colored tees with any exit # you want, old or new. The graphic color (Pantone 9060) is best described as "pale ecru" (think: exit sign at night with yellow headlights?). It looks great on neutral t-shirts without a lot of color, so that's why we chose these five comfort colors to start with: light green, terracotta, bay, granite, & banana (banana comes with a Carolina blue graphic). 

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