You’ve all been there. Sitting in the back seat of a car for hours. The car is packed with family or friends. Your destination could be a vacation spot, special event, random road trip or maybe you are just arriving home. You see your exit and feelings begin to build. It could be the excitement of beginning a vacation or the relief of arriving at home. Welcome to EXITMERCH! A lifestyle brand that represents the feeling you have when you pull off the exit, your road trip ends and your truest adventure begins: it’s reconnection, it’s rediscovery, it’s renewal, it’s reinvigoration. It is where you come back to and where you want to go. Everyone's exit means something different to them. We are here to help represent what it means to you!.


What's better that packing a car full of friends and family and heading out on a road trip? In our opinion, northing!! That's why we offer co-branding opportunities for our favorite friends. Interested in hoping in the car and heading on an adventure with EXITMERCH? Shoot us an email and lets discuss how our brands can work together!


The car pool is all about helping each other and we here are EXITMERCH want to do just that. We create co-branded merch with any non-profit organization, sell those products, and give the profits back to that organization. We don't care who you are or what you do, we just want to help you get where you are going! Send us an email if you are interested in car pooling.